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Diary: Life aboard and the goings on of the Iron Butterfly.

Photos: Pictures of interest as we cruise the waterways.

Boats log: charts our route, miles, locks, the navigation and start and finish points

Route Map: Charting the daily route of the Iron Butterfly and our mooring location, so if you want to visit us you will know exactly where we are!

Cabin Tour: A tour of the boat so you can see how we slum it for months on end; NOT!!

Profile: The crew, the boat and how we got to live the dream.

Deciding the Nitty Gritty...This is when the problems really start. Soooo many choices. What Hull? What Fitter? What Engine? What Length?... the list goes on.
Making the most of the space available...What can't you live without!

Learning Curve: As this is our third boat build, we have learnt a a few things along the way. Here you will find how we resolved any issues.

Visitors: We look forward to receiving your comments about the boat, the goings on, or just an observation, so feel free to leave a message even if it's only to say Hi...

Links: You will be amazed where the links can take you!


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