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Deciding the Nitty Gritty...

Feet and Inches... We decided 60ft would be the best length. As we would be living aboard it would give us the maximum amount of living space and still allow us to travel on all the canals.

You make your bed... Next the sleeping arrangements; we are not the smallest people in the world and the thought of sharing a 4ft bed... well, I feel a headache coming on!
Also (it must be our age) during the night there may be a trip or two to the lav, so climbing over another body, trying not to wake them, was definitely not my idea of fun (luckily nor Dave's). So we opted for twin beds. Our very own islands of tranquility. Not for us the usual foam, as we both like our comfort. So blow the expense, two memory foam mattresses with special covers that keep them cool (it can be sweaty on foam). 2ft 3inches of pure luxury!

To thrust or not... In our opinion a bow thruster is an essential bit of kit, on the odd occasion when needed it can help cut down on the battle scars! We are going for the powerful 95kgf.

Watts? We are going with the 3 alternator setup, 65 amp for starter and bowthruster and a matched pair of 120 amp alternators charging through a Stirling alternator to battery charger. A Victron multi plus 3000kw combi unit and a Victron battery monitor along with 4 x 200 agm gel leisure batteries.

Keeping warm ... Central heating by an Eberspacher diesel tronic, heating 4 radiators. And just because we love a real fire an AARROW ACORN 4 multi fuel stove which burns wood, Solid fuel & Peat and has an Airwash system for clean glass and a hugely important riddler.

Power Plant... A Beta 43 engine fitted with a hospital silencer for super quiet cruising.

Under foot? As we both dislike laminate flooring we opted for carpet in the lounge and bedroom, and tiles in the bathroom and kitchen.

Entertainment...Initially we wanted a self seeking satellite system. Dave decided a dome type would suit us, luckily before the purchase was made I saw one on another boat, it looked hideous. So we settled on a German 'Camos' manual satellite which is operated from inside the cabin; Dave swears he can set it up quicker that a self seeker can lock on, it also looks neat and tidy and lays flat.

Bathing and bog, lav, loo, toilet, carsey, wc... whatever you call it every boat needs one. We wanted a vacuum flush into cassettes from a china loo but found that Lee San had stopped selling them due to the suppliers stopping manufacture. Luckily for us they managed to put one together from parts, so although unboxed a complete unit with spare cassette is now ours!
We are having a walkthrough bathroom with the one stipulation that the lav can be in the bathroom but must also must be able to be completely private in its own cubicle. This is accomplished with a two way door.

A pentagonal shower, thermostatically controlled with body jets is a must for an enjoyable experience.

If you don't like the heat, keep out of the kitchen . Even though I dislike cooking, alot, to make it more bearable the cooker must be user friendly; an eye level built in oven with a separate grill. Another must, an integral microwave oven.

Keeping it cool... I have decided a 12 volt fridge and separate freezer will suit my needs best.

Wash and go...a full size washer drier makes life so much easier, so why make do? Only to be used while cruising or on electric hook up.

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